Fred Webberking

Who is Fred Webberking? I introduce myself to you as a person passionate about my career achievements and what it is that makes me a standout candidate for employment in your organization - I can help go from good to great... My cover letter, job description, resume and a visit through my on-line career website will provide you with details of my work  experience, qualifications, certifications and continuous improvement achievements.

I am looking to join a company that truly - truly wants to improve by competing against itself...

I think the term 'lean' ought to be taking away and replaced with something more akin to our nature as human beings when we work together in large organizations. I have often found myself at a disadvantage just because of the job title on my business card; Lean something or other Manager, Continuous Improvement this or that Leader. The word 'lean' is a actually a term coined as an American invention, not Japanese. The whole movement that started at Toyota has been bastardized by forced suggesting a collectivistic cultured way of doing things to an individualistic cultured way of doing things. I think it would be better used by the expression Agile Work Style.

New breakthroughs in anti-fragile organizational structures have emerged over the last several decades that are unlocking new levels of prosperity as a predominant approach in working with each other, our customers, our business partners, our suppliers, our shareholders and our environments - mother nature. This is now known as the triple bottom line of:-

  • ECOLOGY - Planet
  • EQUITY - People
  • ECONOMY - Profits

"The first company to truly, truly adopt the acculturation of an agile lean business model and philosophy will be the most successful company ever."  -  Fred Webberking


Fred Webberking