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2020. I am happy to invite you networking professional and or prospective employer an opportunity to get to know me better beyond my resume by viewing a comprehensive representation of my skills and experience as both a reliability maintenance engineer and a lean continuous improvement practitioner. My online career portfolio website is a compilation of photographic and diagrammatic examples of my engineering proficiencies, cost savings contrivances, organizational acumen, resourcefulness, diagnostic perception and process and operation reliability improvements. I have every confidence that my past work history can be used to help you improve and succeed in attaining your future goals. Thank you...

Yours in earnest,



I can fluently teach in the following engineering lean continuous improvement methodologies:

  • Lean 101 - Batch Production vs One Piece Flow
  • 5 Whys
  • 5S
  • Kaizen - Running Kaizen Workshops
  • TPM - Total Productive Maintenance
  • SMED - Single Minute Exchange of Dies
  • P&M Analysis
  • The 7 Quality Tools + Gauge R&R + DOE + PFMEA
  • 8D TOPS - Team Orientated Problem Solving
  • Mistake Proofing - Controls - Methods - Outcome - Action
  • Standard Work
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • A3 Thinking
  • Story Boards - MDI Boards - Scrum Boards - Dash Boards
  • Cause Mapping
  • Six Sigma DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control)


This is a picture of my training field boxes. This is my lean, mean show-on-road. I designed and made all of my own training models, tools, apparatuses and audio visual training materials. My training box is actually a Vietnam war era military field desk complete with a pull-out lockable table top and camping style fold out chair.

I purchased it on E-bay and painted it matt black and the top box which is a machinist tool chest.


Yours truly in the belly of the beast. Hard at work TPM Step 8 Sub-Step 1 ‘Initial Cleaning’. Boots to the ground!

If you like to know what I am doing clamoring around deep inside the workings of this machine click on the tab 'TPM Examples' to find out...


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